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Developing, In-house whole manufacturing process, and Sales

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Shinwa Co., Ltd. specializes in brushed processing, and in addition to the hook and loop fastener "Bell-Touch", we are producing various materials such as synthetic leather base fabric, clothing (innerwear, sports lining, etc.) for bedding, furniture, and interior decoration.
The processing technology of the hook and loop fastener "Bell-Touch" was acquired from Kanebo Corporation in 2005, resulting in all in-house development, manufacture, and sales system, then we are the top manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners for industrial materials (hard type) in Japan and exporting to countries around the world.



Dyeing, raising, and finishing resin processing of synthetic fiber fabrics enhance the functionality and comfort of the "fiber" through various processing processes according to the application, and increase the added value of various materials.


Bell-Touch is a high-quality hook and loop fastener series made in Japan provided by Shinwa Co., Ltd.

The combination of A-side (hook) and B-side (loop) face makes it possible to "join with" and "peel off", making it a material with "infinite possibilities" that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Our hook products offer both common specs and strong joining power mushroom piles specs.



As a company specializing in dyeing, we are focusing on the development and processing of raised, elastic, and functional products with our long-time accumulated technology and passion.

We aim to be a factory that has constant customers by quickly catching customer needs and improving customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, and delivery time through in-house manufacturing of all processes.


Raising is processed with needles or sandpaper, raising is able to create heat retention, hook and loop fastener functions, and a unique texture.

Raising expands the surface area of the fabric, it provides various effects such as joining with other materials and improving the peel strength when applying resin.

With advanced raising technology cultivated over many years, we realize the creation of high-touch textile products.

Resin finishing

In resin finishing, the fabric is impregnated with resin such as water repellent, water absorbent, antibacterial, deodorizing, and flameproof to bring out its functions.

In addition to various resins, it is possible to process according to your request by coating with stucco, diatomaceous earth, heat insulating paint, etc.


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